<h2>Merimna Pagkratiou Private Company</h2><p>Microbiological Lab - Diagnostic Medical Center | Cardiology Office</p> <h2>Medical Tests of all kinds</h2><p>Modern Machines of high quality of technology and reliability</p> <h2>Ability for Collection of Blood at Home</h2> <h2>Integrated service to the needs of each customer</h2>
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Microbiology - Cardiology Center
Μerimna Pagkratiou PC
Μicrobiological Lab Pagkrati | Cardiology Office Pagkrati

The Microbiology Laboratory is located in Pagkrati, at 3, Eftichidou street, in Plastira Square.
It is housed with the cardiology offic of the special cardiologist Vassilios Arfaras.

In 2017 a company called MERIMNA PAGRATIOU IKE was established and operates after a complete renovation of the premises and the logistics infrastructure.

The medical centers are equipped with high technology and high reliability machines and follow the international standards of ISO quality control.

Our aim is to fully meet the needs of each customer.